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Kelly’s Roast Beef – Natick

Kelly's Roast Beef

I was kind of tempted to switch the order of pictures for Kelly’s Roast Beef but I figured I might as well post something for the restaurant’s namesake. To be honest though, the first few times I’d been to Kelly’s, I actually didn’t end up having their roast beef at all!

I was told about Kelly’s by a family friend about a year ago. Each time they visit, they take a trip up to Saugus and buy a huge amount of clam chowder. I’ll admit though, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but after having their clam chowder, roast beef, and seafood plates, I’m a big fan. Huge portions, good quality, and not a lot of filler. The clam chowder is chock full of clams and not as much filler, almost the direct opposite of what one might see in clam chowder elsewhere. It’s almost as if the staff at Kelly’s missed the memo that the ratio was supposed to be the OTHER way around, with more potato than clams!

I have to say I’m a huge sucker for fried seafood though, with the fried clams and fried scallops among my favorites at Kelly’s. Best yet, you can make combo plates out of them and get the best of both worlds! The lobster roll is pretty good as well, a toasted hot dog bun packed with lobster, though the last couple times I’ve been there I’ve had slightly less lobster than I remember (Maybe I’m just good at exaggerating things).

All of that, right inside Jordan’s Furniture in Natick. Kind of a funny place to have a seafood, I mean, roast beef joint, but hey, I can’t complain.

Kelly's Roast Beef

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